Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Most Lopsided 3-0 Hockey Game Ever

After being held to a single goal in both games one and two the Red Wings did even worse here on Tuesday night, not scoring any goals, falling 3-0 to the Boston Bruins, in the process falling two games to one down to the B's in this Eastern Conference Quarterfinal.  Game 4 is here on Thursday night.

Detroit's goal production is the worst by any Red Wings team through three games of a playoff series since Detroit was shutout in the first three games of the 1945 Stanley Cup Final by Toronto. The Wings came back to force a Game 7 in that series (the Leafs won it 2-1) and no doubt it felt as hopeless for Detroit that night at Maple Leaf Gardens 69 years ago as it does here at the Joe Louis Arena tonight.  Indeed, it must have felt worse. Detroit trailed that series three games to none and had scored no goals.  Detroit trails this series 2-1 and has scored two goals.

But, for fans of a team which had turned this series into a best-of-5 and which had home-ice advantage thanks to an unlikely win in Game 1 on the road, hope is hard to come by tonight in Detroit.

You know how it always feels like a 2-0 deficit in a soccer game is insurmountable?  This felt like that. Boston totally (TOTALLY) dominated Detroit in the first period, outshooting the Wings 11-4 and holding Detroit without a single scoring chance; zero, zip,not any.  Meanwhile, Wings goalie Jimmy Howard was giving up a softie to Dougie Hamilton--a wrister from the right circle that beat him over his left shoulder at the 9-minute mark that he should have had in his hip pocket (if hockey pants had pockets which they don't)--and a rebound goal by Jordan Caron after Shawn Thornton had done all the work seven minutes later. Boston two, Detroit nothing and it seemed that it may as well have been 12-0 or 20-0, because it appeared there was nothing, nothing at all, that the Wings could do about mounting a comeback.

It was all Boston all the time, all over the ice.  Detroit needed their netminder to be perfect, and he wasn't.

"We gave them two goals, that's the bottom line," said a disappointed Detroit coach Mike Babcock.  "We've had no pushback the last two games.  I was disappointed with tonight. I thought we looked like kids tonight for sure, no question about it."

Speaking of kids, the Wings had seven players in their lineup tonight who were members of the American Hockey League champions one year ago.  What it appears to mean at the moment, and all it appears to mean, is that it is easier to win a Calder Cup than a Stanley Cup.

And right now, it feels like Detroit's Stanley Cup dream for this season is going to end Saturday afternoon in Game 5 of this series in Boston.  


democommie said...

26965523You have a great deal more faith in my team than I have.

I do think that the Bruins are good but I know that they start playing a game in their heads that is different than the one on the ice and then shit happens, bad shit.

I of course prefer that they win but I also want both teams to play their best games.

Not that it's anything to do with the Hoq KEY (the pronunciation that I heard in NE for years) but I was also seeing some of the Tigers game the same night and though they never went in tight, it certainly looked like Gordon Ramsay was sitting in the first row, behind home plate, first base side. Now THAT is a guy who could give some good sound bites in arguing with an ump or lifting a pitcher who's mailing it in.

democommie said...

Oh, that string of numbers? That's either the combination to my safe OR it's a misplaced botstopper.

Richard said...

No, I think your HoqKEY team is pretty good. Seems to me the GM said a bunch of things like, "He's 6'5? Screw it. Draft him. We can teach him to skate later." I would have like to have seen Det win that thing last night just to have had a better series--one that might have lasted until next Wed instead of one which is going to end Saturday afternoon...

democommie said...

Well, whichever way it goes, I hope for a good game.

Not that it's likely on your radar, but did you happen to see the last minute or so of the ACC LAX semi-finals game between Syracuse and Duke.

Duke had a 1 point lead with about 48 seconds to go, then Syracuse scored on a bang-bang combination of a no-look overhead pass and a deke from the other side of the goal, tying the game.

With about 14 seconds left, Syracuse won the face off and THEN somehow scored the winner with about a second left in the game. Go, 'Cuse.

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